How to Choose Wooden Garden Furniture Set?

Besides other material, wooden garden furniture is the most popular as ancient furniture makers use wood to make tables, chairs, beds, so furniture manufacturing skills are thousands of years of experience.

Wood is the best material for creativity, and only the joiner’s mastery is a limit to the next unrepeatable masterpiece.  Doesn’t matter is it patio table or stylish garden furniture set.

In my last post, I wrote a little about What is the teak garden furniture, but now I would like to say a couple of words of other durable wood for outdoor garden and patio furniture.

I will count just some of the most popular, and I guess durable wood.

 Let’s begin with cedar.

Actually, it is the variety of cedar wood which comes from several different trees known as cedars that grow in different parts of the world and may have different uses.

For example, the California incense-cedar is the primary type of wood used for making pencils. As our topic is about garden furniture so let find out which cedar mostly is used to make outdoor furniture sets.

It is Western Red cedar and Northern white which are mostly used for outdoor projects such as furniture, decks, and building exteriors because it can handle moist environments without rotting. Western red cedar tables and chairs are moderately priced and can be found almost in every furniture shop.

Cedar is a lightweight wood, making it the perfect choice if you plan to move or rearrange your garden furniture often or move it to the garage in the winter time.

Cedar retains moisture and therefore do not drying out. It gives this wood more ability of resistant to cracking than other kinds of wood.

Unfortunately, cedar is rather soft so that it will dent and scratch more easily than harder woods like teak or eucalyptus.

The cool feature for the cedar is that color over the time turns into wonderful silver gray.

My grandmother’s, more than a hundred years old shed, is in this color and I’m afraid that someone wants to buy and demolish it just for the planks. I have heard that prices for such wood are very high.

Top Selling Garden Furniture of 2019

Name/Image: Brand:Rating:Pieces:Material:Color:Frame:Cushion:Assemble:Shipping Weight :




  • Rustic White Cedar Log Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set Rustic White Cedar Log Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set
  • Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Old Country 5 pc. Square Patio/Dining Set Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Old Country 5 pc. Square Patio/Dining Set
  • Cedarlooks Log Garden Tea Set Bench Cedarlooks Log Garden Tea Set Bench
  • Cedarlooks 6-Feet Log Cedar Bench Cedarlooks 6-Feet Log Cedar Bench
  • Lakeland Mills CFU329 Cedar Log Vista Tete Outdoor Chairs, Natural Lakeland Mills CFU329 Cedar Log Vista Tete Outdoor Chairs, Natural

Rustic White Cedar Log Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set

Hand Constructed by Pennsylvania Amish/Made in the USA 5 Star Average Rating 7White Cedar LogsCedar Clear CoatCedarNot includedTable needs assemblyview pricefull review

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Old Country 5 pc. Square Patio/Dining Set

5 Star Average Rating 5Northern White CedarCedarCedarNot includedNeed simple assemble65lb/29kgview pricefull review

Cedarlooks Log Garden Tea Set Bench

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. 5 Star Average Rating 1CedarCedarCedarNot includedEasy70lb/32kgview pricefull review

Cedarlooks 6-Feet Log Cedar Bench

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. 4.5 Star Average Rating 1CedarCedarCedarNot includedEasy70lb/32kgview pricefull review

Lakeland Mills CFU329 Cedar Log Vista Tete Outdoor Chairs, Natural

Lakeland Mills 4 Star Average Rating 3CedarCedarCedarNot includedIt takes a little sweat to get assembled correctly80lb/36kgview pricefull review

The next is ACACIA.

Acacia is a durable and attractive hardwood. It is widely used for garden furniture sets, and when properly treated it can survive for decades. Only you need is use the waterproof covers and oil it from time to time.

Be careful when leaving uncovered since constant contact with the damp ground of a garden may cause the wood to discolor.

Even more for those who care about eco. Acacia hardwood is a right choice as it grows in such abundance in many regions of the world that they’re often considered an invasive species.


The biggest attribute of shorea is undoubtedly the strength of the timber. It’s renowned for its excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear. Shorea is extremely durable and tightly grained to produce a desirable density, even more so than teak which is traditionally seen to be the greater luxury and thus slightly more expensive.

Left to its own devices, the patina of shorea fades from gold to gray over time. The wood’s youthful glow can be sustained by treating it annually with oil from its more expensive cousin, teak.


I think that Cypress garden furniture is one of the best choices for outdoors.

Cypress wood contains a natural preservative that is both rot and insect resistant. Cypress can withstand the elements without a finish of any kind, though a periodic coat of oil will keep the wood looking fresh longer. Cypress is almost not shrinking or swelling with weather changes.

The only problem is a scarcity of mature trees, and therefore the choice is not as high as wanted.

And finally, REDWOOD.

Redwood is slowly growing trees so not for eco friends.

Despite this, the wood has so many fine features, so it always is one of the standards of best quality garden furniture.

Redwood is durable all seasons material. It is also naturally resistant to decay and insects.

Redwood is rather soft so it could easily be scratched or dented. Keep with care.

Use cushions or covers on sits to avoid red spots on your pants or skirts due to the natural tannins that give the tree its name.

There are some other woods as oak, Brazilian walnut or ironwood, pine, birch and many others for garden furniture making. Every wood has his pros and cons for outdoor use.

Not always a purchasing of the most expensive wooden garden furniture set is the smartest choice so use your common sense and buy what you like more yourself.

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  • Julian says:

    Hello Andrejs,

    It was very interesting reading your site. I am from Australia and I am a carpenter by trade and love working with timber. All of the type of would that you described are non-existent or very expensive especially to use for outdoor furniture! Great content thoroughly enjoyed it!



    • admin says:

      Hi there in Down Under! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I forget to mention eucalyptus and as far as I know that Australia is rich of this hardwood for garden furniture making masterpieces.

  • Malenyalo says:

    Everybody loves gardens but I never give much thought to decorating and keeping it inviting.You’ve given me a lot of ideas and from now on my garden is gonna be the garden to be, I can already see myself struggling to keep visitors away, lol. Thank you so much for the advice and the much needed tips. I’m so going to try most of them, thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Malenyalo and thanks for stopping by.

      You are right that sometimes is hard to choose your garden and patio furniture as an offer is so large. Similar like you I try to imagine how my next tables and benches will look in the overall garden design.

  • Cathy says:

    We are moving to a new house that has got a small garden and I am looking to add some furniture for decor. I was thinking about something modern, but after reading your article, it occurred to me that wooden option isn’t bad at all. I must admit, I don’t know much about the varieties that are out there, but will certainly check on the hardy version as I live in an area where rain and hot sun is very prevalent. Thanks for the tips.

    • admin says:

      Sometimes is better listen to your heart and not only think practical way. Wooden furniture has sooo long history and still widely used. I can’t say that my house is full of table or chair from wood but in my small sauna is everything from wood just oven and stones.

  • julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for the post.Furniture in wood looks fantastic and it is durable.When i went to the furniture shop with my ex husband we were about to fight there because he wanted us to buy sofa while i wanted wooden furniture guess who won,of course it was me as the wooden furniture is the best one.

    I like this review

    • admin says:

      Hi Julienne. You are right that wooden garniture is great and gives you warmth and good feeling instead of a bed or sofa from chipboard or plywood boxes. Many people just can’t afford good oak desk or walnut chairs.

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for the info. A few years ago I bought one of those cheap plastic table & chairs for outdoors, because I didn’t have the budget at that time to invest in a decent furniture set. The problem with my cheap plastic set was that is was so light, everytime someone accidentely hit the table, drinks were spilled… When there was a bit of wind, the chairs started moving…

    I saved some money now, so I can finally get a decent wooden set, so your article came at the right moment! I’ll probably stay away from Redwood…

    • admin says:

      I also started with a plastic garden table and chair. Now I have teak wood furniture and an oak table which no wind can blow off.

  • anthony fontenot says:

    Great information and a very detailed article. I used to work at a woodshop making furniture and it always amazes me how much they would charge for antique furniture. I mean we would have a $500 table beat it with chains and sand it down at certain areas then charge $1500 for it. What is your take on new “antique” furniture and do you think it is worth the extra coin?

    • admin says:

      Hello Anthony and thank you for the comment. In furniture selection, each has its own tastes. I don’t like artificial antique, especially if it’s three times higher price.

  • Joo says:

    Thank you for this great write up on the different kinds of wood for garden furniture. I love wood, I use wooden furniture all around my home, they’re all indoors though. I gained lots of knowledge from this post about how to take care of the various types of wood. I didn’t know that cypress has a natural preservative! The ones I use most commonly are pine and teak. 

    • admin says:

      You’re right; outdoor wooden furniture has to be covered with special substances anyway. One of the options is to cover a yacht varnish in at least three layers.

  • IAN says:


    I think you did a thorough investigations on your topic. I really like the way you keep your discussion open and interactive. I did not have difficulty keeping up with your article, and found it to be just the right length.

    Your discussion on the durability of the furniture is one of the highlights for me since I know that a lot of wooden furniture decays and goes to waste if left untreated. Maybe you should write or link an article on how to treat decaying wooden furniture.

    Also, what other types of contemporary wooden furniture can you buy from the materials you mentioned?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ian and thanks for the comment and advice. I definitely find a time to make research and talk to the real carpenters and furniture woodworkers, luckily I know some masters, what they advise to protect wood furniture from deterioration. 

  • Chris says:

    When we first moved into our property, about 3 years ago, we opted for the cheap plastic garden furniture…but unfortunately it has lost it’s colour and not weathered well (we are in the UK). 

    We are now looking into wooden garden furniture but we don’t know which wood will be most durable for the UK climate – any ideas on this?

    • admin says:

      It is relatively difficult to say exactly which tree is the best for garden furniture for the British climate. However, the choice of hardwood is better than a pine or birch tree. Teak is good for outdoor furniture. Oak or willow has always been a great and durable material.

  • Nuttanee says:

    I must admit wooden furniture is always my favorite. It gives me this clam and soothing feelings, the earthy tone , it is just a nice natural feelings. When I was back in Thailand my sister and I used to have a teak furniture company. We had to import the teak from Bali. The cost of teak in Bali was so cheap but since in Thailand it is illegal to cut teak, we have it too, the tax on it is huge. That’s why rich only rich people in Thailand can afford teak furniture. Thay are the best good as rock and turmites won’t even eat it. Unfortunately, since we were young the our company fell through but I still have some teak sunbed for my patio and some cabinets left to enjoy. I really enjoy your article, now I get to learn more about different types of wood. Since I only know one. Very informative

  • mark kabakov says:

    Hello, Andrejs! It’s great that you specified the properties of various wood species for garden furniture. 

    I understand that you lovingly examine each tree and carefully find its useful properties. Your example with cedar boards confirms this. Of course, tick is on the first revenge on the durability of furniture. Beech, acacia and larch are less suitable. Much depends on caring and maintenance. 

    It seems to me that you can get useful tips on furniture catalogs. There often do not indicate a tree species. 

    And most importantly, you really advise ways to care for, restore or repair favorite and comfortable wooden objects. 

    I am grateful to you for the article and I am ready to send it to friends. Mark

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